Bucket List: List Of Dreams and Aspirations💫

Life is not a race that we need to compete with others. In fact, it’s a journey of memories that we create on the way. Life is like a journey with ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, and many more things. In such a journey, one needs to enjoy whatever they face. One of the most famous and interesting ways to lead a life of your choice is a bucket list. Not a bucket of water, but a bucket of your dreams, aspirations, craziness, adventure, and whatnot. I think that everyone should have a bucket list of their own, not just to show off but to tick off the things that we always want to do.

People are given only one life, then why not live it to the fullest? That’s why things like bucket lists are made. It encourages us to take a new dare every single day and live the day to the fullest because that day is not gonna come again.

In the race to get a good house, money, and other materials, people often forget to appreciate the life that they have. People always run behind getting more and more. Instead, they should take some time out of their busy schedule and do things that they always want to do. Whether it is swimming, reading a book, skydiving, sleeping under stars, etc, all these things when gets ticked off the list relives the person. Therefore, it is necessary to have a bucket list.

One thing you need to keep in mind while creating a bucket list is that whatever you write there, you are not gonna erase it. Many times, it may happen that you wanted to do something but due to any reason, you don’t wanna do that now. So this should not be the case. Whatever you write on, think before writing if you really wanna do that or not. And once it’s written, you can’t erase that. Otherwise, it won’t be called the bucket list. Now you are good to go.

Create your bucket list and explore new things every single day. I am sure it would add a different perspective to your life. Because it’s the only life you are given. You are not gonna get another chance to relive these memories. So try to make full use of it and enjoy every single task you do. The list must go on!💙



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Aditi Jha

Hello everyone, iam Aditi Jha from Delhi and Iam pursuing B.tech in electronics and communication from Banasthali Vidyapith.