COVID-19 impacts on education

Aditi Jha
3 min readSep 4, 2021

Mostly, everything is impacted by the effects on covid-19, but the most impacted section is the education one. Schools and colleges have been closed for around two years. Students got no chill staying all day at home. Teachers are frustrated by saying “Am I audible?” all the time. Students miss their school days, doing fun, and many more things. While workload on teachers doubled. They have to prepare everything online from making notes to conducting online exams. Well, not everything is bad about being at home and not attending school. The most important thing that everyone has is enough time to learn something new and spend time with their family. Otherwise, students didn’t even have time to talk to their parents. But now they have talked so much that their parents are fed up.

Now let’s talk about how it impacted student’s lives. Is online mode better than offline mode? Let’s see!!

First of all, students get time which is the most important advantage of quarantine. They got enough time to learn new skills, languages, and other stuff. While going to schools and colleges, a lot of time used to get wasted on traveling. Now, they can manage their time well and spend it on useful things. But this advantage is only for apprehensive students while for others this time is fully devoted to games and movies. So, it depends on which category you lie in. If you are a little sensible then you can utilize your time very well but if you are not then this time can be devastating for you.

This lockdown has also developed many talents among students apart from a study like cooking, singing, playing mobile games, dance, etc. Many Youtube channels were created in this lockdown where people are providing valuable content and showing their skills.

Also, many underprivileged students used to go to school for meals, but that cannot be delivered now. Not every student has a phone, laptop, or internet connection. Parents have to buy phones with their savings so that their children can study without any problem. Altogether, not every student benefited from this.

Now let’s talk about teachers. According to me, their life got no chill due to online classes. There are a lot of problems that they face while making assignments, taking exams, and other things with technology. Only because of a few genius students who can’t keep their mouths shut, teachers have to be present on the screen the whole time. Otherwise, most students don’t care if the class is going on or not. But this attendance system ruins all the plans, but most students find ways to do it.

You must have heard of many incidents during online classes both with teachers and students. Some students play music or something to disturb teachers. Well, that’s not fine because they are working so hard to give us education, so the least we can do is to respect them. Also, due to this online system, many people get versed with technology otherwise we knew very little about it.

Some other things that irritated students the most are colleges taking hostel charges. While we are at home, many colleges take complete hostel fees from students in the name that they might open the college. Fees must be reduced as many people lost their jobs, families. How they are supposed to submit the fees, buy mobile phone, and a stable internet connection. Well, mobile phones are a must but fees can be reduced.

There are many other points also, but I have demonstrated only a few of them.


According to me, this way of online teaching should go on. It helps us to take our time out and do useful things. It helps us to spend time with family to know them better. As many useless subjects are being taught in schools and colleges, so during those sessions, students can skip those classes and study something else. This way, it can be helpful for us.



Aditi Jha

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