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Day006 Of #100DaysOfUX

I can’t believe I made it to Day 6 of this challenge. Well, today I learned about the User persona. Let me walk through you this learning.


So, the first thing is what is a persona?

Personas are fictional characters, which you create based upon your research in order to represent the different user types that might use your service, product, site, or brand in a similar way.

A user persona is a fictional character that is used to defines a product’s goals and ambition. For example- If a company wants to build an app for clothes shopping, they must know what audience they should target. To get a target audience, they do research on people and their needs. During the research, they usually see what people want from a clothing store? What are their pain points?

Pain point is used to know the audience in a better way. It helps the company to know what customers are facing so that they can solve all thier pain points.

How is user persona useful?

The largest benefit of creating and having personas is a clear picture of specific user types that everybody can focus on and align around.

This helps a company to build the product in such a way so that ut can benefit a majority of customers.

Why does one need a persona?

  • Navigate design and feature integration- It helps to design the product more accurately.
  • Settle disputes with your personas in mind- Persona is the best way to understand your primary customer needs and expectations.

There are two types of personas on a larges scale-

What is the ideal number of user personas one needs to make for their product?

There is no such number, but the ideal is around 3–4 personas. If you focus on a large number of personas, it becomes difficult to analyze the audience. That's why 3–4 user personas are the ideal number one should focus on while researching.

You need to understand thier needs and expectations so that you can build the best possible solution for you audience.

While researching, you need to focus on their similarities so that the product can help a majority of the audience.

Five steps to creating a user persona

  1. Gather the right data
  2. Interpret your data
  3. Organize elements
  4. Selecting images for your persona
  5. Finishing touches

Now, based on all these learnings I tried to make a user persona for HealthifyMe App.

Here you go

User persona

This is a user persona that I made. She is Sukanya and she wants to weight gain using HealthifyMe app. So the persona depicts how the app can modify features keeping this persona in mind. Tool required to make this- Figma

Hope you like the project. Well, this was my first time making something like this.

With love,

Aditi Jha



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