Future Of Fitness Using Computer Vision

Aditi Jha
3 min readAug 25, 2021

Computer vision includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing, and understanding digital images and extraction of high-dimensional data from real-world objects. It has numerous applications mostly in every field like medicine, fitness, autonomous vehicles, the military, and many more. According to a report, the computer vision market is expected to rise to USD 17.4 billion by the year 2024.

Computer vision technology recognizes specific exercises, exercise durations, and the number of repetitions or weights used during workout and capture data that is otherwise hard to track. Mason go is one of the best examples of how computer visioning and sensor data are transforming our world. Amazon claims that it has created “the world’s most advanced shopping technology”.

When applying advanced IoT and computer technology to the fitness and health industry can help accelerate the path towards an advanced industry. Just like amazon automatically tracks the content of customers’ shopping, a computer vision-supported workout tracking system allows users to determine the exercises and their repetitions as well as the intensity and quality of exercises to be done.

“The gym of the future is an ecosystem that provides a differential opportunity for health club chains by allowing health club members to automatically track their workout progress with a full range of exercises”

The fitness sector has experienced growth in recent years which is accompanied by an increase in the services offered by gyms and sports associations. The combination of fitness and technology was already in place which due to COVID-19 has undergone further growth. Many gyms and associations have organized live online classes. Many people thought that lockdown would make a lot of people gain weight. However, 63% of the respondents have gotten into better shape over the past few months, and 64% of the respondents are more comfortable in at-home fitness options at would wish to continue longer.

Artificial learning has been incorporated with fitness machines, gadgets, wearable, and mobile applications to make them smart and easy to use. Computer vision is defined as a subset of artificial intelligence that deals with the science of making computers or machines visually enabled so that they can study an image.

Fitness apps use computer vision to keep the track of your activity using the camera, these apps employ computer vision to scan your body and figure out which type of body you have and suggest exercises according to that.

Use of computer vision in fitness industry-

  1. In the fitness industry, fitness apps use computer vision to monitor your performance while doing exercises just like a fitness coach.
  2. They recommend the most appropriate workout plan for your body type. The apps act as virtual trainers. They will also give feedback to you and will appreciate you when you are regular and perform well. It is very easy and comfortable to use. You can do it anytime you want, you will be not time-bounded.
  3. At home, fitness is based on exercises and workout plans. These apps will guide to without any charges.
  4. One of the best things it provides is diet charts. It will provide a balanced diet chart according to your need and your body. It has a variety of plans and exercises for you.



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