One of The Most Demanding Skills: Web Development

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What do you understand about web development?

As the name suggests “web development”, must be something related to the web. The word “web ” means websites that we visit daily in our day-to-day life. Without a website, nothing is possible in this digital era. As we can see, everyone needs a website from major firms to small companies. A website serves the purpose of giving and receiving. For example- If you visit a website for online shopping, its purpose is to give you services that the company is offering. And your purpose is to get the best out of them. In this way, a website plays an important role in everybody’s life in this digital world. Now coming back to the word “development”, it means nothing but “building”. Together, web development means “building a website”.

Why does one need a website?

The answer to this question might be different for everyone. For some, a website serves the purpose of searching. For example- A student would need many websites to get their homework done, a patient would need a website to search for the best medical services. On the other hand, a grocery company would need its own website to connect with the customers. In this way, a website serves different purposes for everyone. Without a website, it would be difficult to get desired services.

Now coming to why one should learn web development, let’s see what are the types of web development.

Types of Web Development

Web development is majorly divided into three categories-

  1. Frontend Development- Frontend is something people see on the website. When someone visits a website, what do they see? It’s the design of the website, its functionalities, and its features. All this comes under frontend development. In more accurate terms, the frontend is the “client-side” of the website.
  2. Backend development- Now coming to what people can’t see in a website, is the backend of it. In technical terms, it is the “server-side” of the website. Backend plays a major role in the website, as it does the work of providing information to users. Therefore, a website without a backend is like a body without a brain.
  3. Full-stack development- Now, when we merge both frontend and backend, it becomes a full-stack website. To be a full stack developer, you need to learn frontend and backend tech stacks with deployment.

Now the important question is what you should learn to master website development?

Well. It depends on the individual. First, they need to see what interests them the most. Then they can decide to do any one of them. You can either go with frontend development or backend development or you can go for full-stack development. It completely depends on your interest and choice. In freelancing, there is always a high demand for both posts, you so can pick any.

Is it worth Learning Web Development?

Before answering this question. Let’s see what is the future of web development, and then we will see why it is so worth learning about it.

When we see how AI is expanding in the world, it makes us think that will there be any importance of web development in the future? Why would one need a website from someone when they can have it done by a machine?

If we look into AI, it basically can perform work like humans. However, AI developer thinks that they can substitute the intelligence of human creativity. But the truth is they can’t. There is a long way to go when a website will be created by machine. But for a major period, it can’t substitute the power of human creativity. Web development has higher demand and also a larger talent pool.

Therefore, if you are thinking of starting your career as a web developer, it is the right time to start. Your future as a web developer is completely safe and cannot be substituted by AI.

Now coming back to the main question, is it worth learning web development? Yes, it is worth it to learn it. When we look around, every company needs a website to promote its services. Therefore, it is in high demand these days. Web development is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s time.

Reasons to Become A Web Developer

  • No degree requirement- If someone has a sound knowledge of website development, he/she doesn’t need a degree to continue. They can simply use their knowledge and serve people. Nobody will ask for your degree if you have relevant skill sets.
  • Earning potential is huge- There are multiple ways in which you can make decent money with your web development skills. It is difficult to find someone who can do both backend and frontend. Now if you know both, you can earn a crazy amount from it. Even knowing either frontend or backend will be very fruitful to you. Many organizations pay a decent amount of money to web developers. Therefore as a web developer, you need to worry about earning.
  • You can always expand into other fields- Being a web developer will provide you with the opportunity to get into many areas. You can always switch between multiple fields. Being a developer makes it easier for you to learn quickly. For example, if you are a web developer and your company needs a mobile developer, you can easily learn it within no time. Apart from this, there are several areas you can switch into.
  • Teaching- Since web development is so in demand that everyone wants to learn it. If you are a developer, you can also trach people on various paid platforms. Teaching part-time can make good money for you.
  • It’s fun- Above all, learning web development is a fun thing. It is all creative when you make use of your thinking to develop awesome websites. Many people do it as a hobby. Therefore if you are a person who loves making designs, you should give it a try.

Ways to Learn Web Development

If you are excited to learn web development, there are multiple sources you can refer to. In today’s time, many people are learning it to earn money. It is not a new thing there. There is very much scope in many companies if you are proficient in such fields. Now coming to resources-

  • You can learn from youtube channels. There are many youtube channels with complete courses. But the problem with learning from youtube is that there is no consistency. If you have any doubts during sessions, there is no one to take your doubts. It completely depends on your will. Therefore, if you want you can learn from these channels.
  • You can buy paid courses from various websites. The speciality of these paid courses is that they provide you with live doubts sessions. The classes are regular so you don’t have to worry about consistency. All you need is practice, practice, and practice.

Once you are proficient with the subject, you can start building projects for your portfolio. And once you have 3–4 decent projects with you in your portfolio, you can search for job or freelancing works.

Now let’s move into some career choices that you have as a web developer.

Careers Choices in Web Development

As discussed above, there are numerous career choices you have as a web developer. So you can apply for such companies. Website is something that every firm needs for their company. In the IT sector, you can search for companies providing a good salary for web developers. In this way, you have multiple options for full-time roles.

If you don’t want full time, freelance is always there to have your back. Web development is among the most demanding skills in the freelancing world. There are many reasons one needs a website such as for their portfolio, to provide services, or for college/school. Therefore, if you want to step into freelancing as a web developer there are many choices. You can create your profile on freelancing websites and from there you can easily get work.


Web development refers to developing a website. The scope of web development is also very good. A web developer cannot be jobless at any point in time. It is a demanding skill in today’s time. Most companies need a web developer to handle their websites. Therefore it is a very demanding skill in the market. Once you have a decent portfolio with outstanding projects, you can apply for full-time jobs or freelancing. In freelancing, there is a very high scope with a good amount of money. The most amazing point of being a web developer is that you don’t need a degree to showcase your skills. All you need is a good portfolio and knowledge of this subject. Therefore, if you want to be a web developer, you can start by learning the basics and making projects side by side.



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