Women Or Warriors

Aditi Jha
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


She has a quiet confidence that screams loud.

She is humble but strong

She is stable but rebellious

She is giving, but not naive

“She is a warrior”

- unknown

Warrior women are not the ones we see in the movies like captain marvel, wonder woman, black widow, etc. But the one who fights for their rights, for the nation, and sacrifices themselves for others. There were many women in history and are also in the present who proved that women are not here to make rot is. These are the women who are determined to face any adversity, who dares to face the devil.

Earlier, women were meant to be housewives only, to stay at home and look after their families. Despite this, some women even at that time came out as warriors, they became the national heroines. There are many who are not known today but played a bigger role earlier. Women have come a long way since a long time when they couldn’t quite, get level protection from marital rape, or initiative divorce. Sadly, there are still many depressing anti-women laws in use around the world today like women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive or leave the house without a male guardian present.

In conflict zones, women are also near brutality, and the current refugee crisis puts thousands of women and girls at risk of sex trafficking. But there’s no doubt, we have come a long way.

Here are some ways, women have turned into warriors -

•We’ve taken seats into government -

With the first female MP Nancy Astor in 1919, women have been breaking ground in govt. Yet women only make up 29℅ of all MPs but don’t worry, we will gain more numbers in upcoming years.

Iceland, on the other hand, is miles ahead of us with 50℅ women in MPs while in Rwanda men are in minority with the ratio of men is to women as 39:61.

We took control of our reproductive process -

British women gained access to the contraceptive pill in 1961 which made women have control over their bodies, able to have children.

We’ve burst into workplaces-

In the 1900s, there was a very less number working women because back then, most of the families didn’t allow their wives, daughters to go outside. But now the scenario has completely changed. We can find a woman in any field. Yet today also we have a long way to go, that’s the beginning of a new world. Their efforts, talents, and dedication have reached new heights. Earlier women were not allowed to join defense services, but now we have our great ladies in all the forces.

“We’ve gone to infinity- and beyond”

- unknown

With Helen as the first woman to go into space, many others get inspired. In 2007 Peggy A Whitson broke another glass ceiling when she be and the first female commander of the International space station.

Let’s oath to be an empowered woman, who can empower others also.

• The biggest warrior is yet to come and that’s our mother “maa”. No one ever thinks of them when it comes to hard work, sacrifice. People have a mentality that it’s their duty. Many women are there who are assaulted by family members when they can’t fulfill their needs. But she keeps quiet because she thinks that her family is everything to her and she is no one without her family. Even many children feel ashamed to introduce their mothers as a housewife because they think she only has to sit at home doing nothing. They don’t know that being a housewife is the toughest hop in the world. Not everyone is capable of that. You need to have a strong heart for that. A mother sacrifices her needs, her dreams, her desires in front of her husband and children but what do they get in return? Nothing.

Just a small request to all men and children to help their wives and mother as much as they can. Spend some quality time with her, ask for her wishes, and try to get them true.

“ I became a task-oriented rather than people-oriented,

A slave to the to-do list rather than a spirit-led woman”

- a housewife

Do not think of yourself any less to others. Just keep going in the right direction. Show the world what you are and what can you do.



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