Would you choose to be immortal ?

Aditi Jha
4 min readJul 31, 2021

Before jumping to the result, let us imagine the consequences. The first and the most devastating result would be an increase in population. How would the streets look if you no would ever die… full of human beings rattling around here and there. Would you enjoy seeing your great-great and more than great-grandmother? Of course, you will, but not every time. Do you really want to come to that stage where you would be bored of your own life but still you won’t get peace. We can’t jump like monkeys all of our life. That’s why death is important for our soul and body. You won’t believe but your soul will eventually get frustrated by you and your actions. At that time, your soul wound wants peace by killing you. Kidding, not it that way, but still, peace is the ultimate need of every human being. Our soul can’t be with us for thousands of years seeing that boxing face.

Here is another scenario, where only you choose for immortality while others will not. This will bring some extreme situations that you won’t like at all.

First thing, you would see your friends and family dying one by one. Slowly and steadily life would become boring and you would not like things that you used to like. Eventually, one day might come when you would meet your great-great-grandson, and he might not know you. At that point, you might think of death.

Another consequence would be that your memories will fade away gradually. See, your brain can’t retain that much information. At some point, you will lose all past memories. Then you might have to choose between keeping old data or stopping incoming data.

If you choose to remove all your old data, you won’t remember your friends and family. Also, you would not realize that you have chosen immortality in your past. You would be like “why I’m not dying bro?” also if you are thinking that you would write everything into a diary, you might not remember that you own a diary.

See, now if you are the person who keeps saying that “if I get three wishes, I would choose immortality as one of my wishes”. Did you realize how painful it can be? If not, you are so stubborn. Let me bring some more examples.

After thinking for a long time, I came up with something for you. But the previous ones should be enough for you to know that immortality can’t be good unless and until you are that freak who wants to do some research or anything.

At some point, you will be like “Arrghhh Ahhhh!! Gr Aaaagggghhhh!!!….. AHHHHH!!! Ahhhrg…. Can’t live now….help!!!

(were you reading the above lines?)

Well, I don’t have anything to please you. So, let’s move on to some advantages that you might experience while living for thousands of years.

Before summing all the disadvantages, I have some bullet points for you because these are loved by everyone.

  • Life would be boring
  • Losing memory
  • Population problem
  • Losing friends and family

Now let’s bring some positives that can be achieved by immortality.

When our parents say that we have time till college to work our asses off and study hard. After that, you are supposed to work and feed your family. Then marry and blah blah!! Well, this is true to some extent because you can’t be studying all your life and you should marry before 40 or 50 because no one would accept you after that unless you are Anil Kapoor or maybe Salman khan. It is only, for example, don’t take it seriously or be like “I Am my own boss, I can marry whenever I want”. Stop being a kid.

Oops, I lost from the track. So I was saying that there is a specified time for everything like school, college, marriage, having kids, etc.

Now, consider the scenario where you will be having your whole time in the world. Then you don’t need to worry about these time limits or anything. You can do it whenever you want. Not exactly whenever, but still you will be having enough time.

Another good thing about immortality is for those who want to go to space. They don’t have to worry about the long period that they will spend in space. You will no longer be worried about a large part of your life missing in space.

And if you really wanna know what the world will be like after thousands of years, then you would enjoy every bit of it. You can watch changes after a long long time. Also if you are a crazy scientist like Einstein or Newton, then immortality can be good for you. If this would happen, then there would be no scientists after you. Why?? Because you will have enough years to do experiments in all fields. You would be a master of all subjects. You will have enough to do all the discoveries and inventions. Just kidding, I know it was not good.

Summing up, all I wanted to say is that you can do whatever you want to, that’s it.

Now I hope you must have decided your answer. If not then either you don’t understand English or I don’t know.

So, my answer to this question would be that….I would choose immortality. I’m fed up with this life only, why would I want a thousand years (haha). There is a dialogue of a movie

“ Zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiye”

(life should not be long, it should be great)

Enjoy every moment that you have. Talk to your friends unless they are not busy, spend time with your family, go for trips, watch movies, and most importantly, study but not under stress. Be grateful for everything that you have. Every night, write down at least two things that you are grateful for. It will really change your perspective towards life.



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